Hi there, I'm Estella

Engineering manager & UI-focused software engineer

I write about my personal experiences and technical challenges

About me

I'm an Engineering Manager. I did software development for 20+ years, primarily focused on crafting smooth user interfaces, accessiblity, and client-side performance.

I love building communities. I cofounded Women Who Code NYC and currently co-organize BoulderJS.

I was born and raised in the city of Chicago, but now reside in San Francisco NYC Boulder, Colorado.

Resources for new frontend engineers

I'm fortunate to meet several frontend engineers that are new to the role as professionals, recent grads (mostly from code schools) and self-taught developers. As a result, I give a lot of tips on good habits to adopt and suggestions on who to follow, what to read, and what to watch.

When I started my own career it was a different climate. Meetup didn't yet exist, events were scarce (with barely any women or people of color), and frontend development was not quite its own craft. It took me years to figure out what worked best for me to stay strong in a competitive market in which I was an anomaly.